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The Effective Writing Workshop customized for our Master of Finance program was well received by our international students, who found the information, exercises and pointers offered by facilitators very useful in writing their Masters Research Projects.

As a result of the workshop and editing services, there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of students’ writing, as well as their understanding of the writing and editing processes.

Lesley Magee
Project Manager
Master of Finance
Saint Mary's University, Halifax

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The Writing offers individual coaching and group workshops. These sessions are customized to meet your needs. If you want a workshop on a topic that isn’t here, let us know.

Individual Coaching


Send us samples of your writing for our review, whether it be an annual report, a press release or an e-mail. Let us know what you think about your own writing. What are your concerns? What are your common errors? A member of our team will customize a three-hour interactive coaching session for you, and work with you to improve your writing. We also offer follow-up coaching by phone or e-mail and editing of your work to make sure you continue to progress.


This half-day or full-day interactive hands-on session is for anyone who has to write speeches for corporate, government or community audiences. An accomplished local speechwriter will teach you the basics of the speechwriting process. Participants will learn to identify their audience, to concentrate on key messages and focus on concrete, achievable writing goals.

By the end of the customized session, participants will know how to write an introduction to their presentation that engages and a conclusion that enlightens. Ultimately, they will understand the rudiments of crafting a clear, plain-language speech that will resonate with any audience.


Effective Writing

This hands-on, full-day workshop is for anyone who writes proposals, reports, articles, briefing notes, memos and any type of documentation. The objectives are to help you understand the basics of communication, to understand the writing process and to follow through the process in an example. The first three-hour session will include discussion of how to approach your writing challenge, identify your audience and focus your message.

The afternoon three-hour session will include more specific work: looking at your writing as introduction, body and conclusion, organizing an outline and reviewing your own work. (NOTE: We can also offer this as a three-hour workshop, with less hands-on work.)

Writing Effective E-mails

This half-day hands-on workshop will help you deal with the overwhelming world of e-mails. We will discuss e-mail etiquette, help you write appropriate and succinct e-mails, and create subject lines that will get attention. We will discuss how to organize your e-mails for quick reference, and how to stop losing valuable work time dealing with unnecessary messages. This workshop is a great opportunity to create or re-visit your organization’s e-mail policy.

Grammar Refresher

"Its or it’s?" Different from or different than? Fewer or less? No matter how well we write, making correct grammatical decisions quickly is often a challenge. Offered as a half-day or “lunch and learn” session, we will review your particular grammar concerns. We will work on basic sentence structure, use of pronouns, plurals and possessives, and review how to use punctuation and capitalization correctly. The workshop is interactive with each session followed by exercises.

Media Relations

This is a three-hour workshop for anyone who deals with the media. The goal is to help you understand how the media sees its role, and to enable you to work with them without stress and to your satisfaction. The workshop is divided into two sections: understanding the playing field and interacting with the media.

Effective Writing for International Students

We can customize workshops for international students who speak and understand English, but do not write well. The general objectives are to help students appreciate the basics of communication, to understand the writing process and to complete class assignments in a clear and concise manner. We will help you organize an outline, look at your writing as introduction, body and conclusion, and review your own work. We can develop specific workshops including business communication, critical thinking and presentation skills.  We have facilitators experienced in ESL who can help international students successfully face their academic and cross-cultural challenges.